From Contract to Closing


Congratulations! Your offer to purchase has been accepted by the Seller. Several important details must now be completed before you can take possession of your new home. Your professional Buyers Agent is there to walk you through and explain each step of the process.

Here is a list of the most important steps


Over the last several years the mortgage process has become considerably more difficult. Even for those with exceptional credit and assets will find themselves surprised at how difficult and time consuming the mortgage underwriting process has become.

If it’s been a number of years since you last acquired a mortgage loan, be prepared to provide much more documentation than what you experienced in the past. Allow yourself plenty of time and make application as soon as you are under agreement.


Real Estate Agents are not allowed to provide legal advice. If you ever feel you need legal advise you should consult an Attorney or have them review any documents or attend your closing.


North and South Carolina Real Estate Contracts allow for a “Due Diligence” period. This means for a negotiable non refundable deposit a Seller will agreed to hold the home off the market for a short period while the Buyer completes any Due Diligence in regards to the purchase.

This allows the Purchaser the opportunity to have the home inspected by a Licensed Home Inspector. The Home Inspector will provide a written report detailing any flaws or items in the home that are in need of repair.

The Purchaser and Seller can then negotiate as to how any repairs will be completed or compensated for in the agreement. Depending on the severity of repairs the Purchaser would also have the opportunity to cancel the contract within the Due Diligence period.

It is common for most resale homes to have a small list of items that require repair or maintenance. Purchasers should not allow these items to jeopardize closing or trigger another round of negotiations as minor repairs are typically expected as part of the process.


The actual physical part of the move can be the most stressful and time consuming part of the experience. The sooner you get started on the moving process the less stressful the entire process will be. Begin by reviewing all your belongings and sell, donate or dispose of any un-necessary possessions.

Once you know your close date is secure arrange for termination and start up of all your utilities, rubbish, lawn care,  mail forwarding etc. For a full list of details visit our page Buyers Moving Checklist.


A final pre-closing walk through is common to ensure all agreed items have been repaired and that the home is in the same condition and all agreed items to remain in the home are still there.


Your lender should have provided a Good Faith Estimate with projected funds needed for closing. Your Buyers Agent can assist you in reviewing these documents to insure you are prepared for closing. Remember things like wiring funds may take a few days advance notice and if you do not provide full payment on the day of closing your keys will typically be withheld until full payment is made.


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