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If your home looks old and tattered, you cannot expect someone to have an interest buying it. It is always good to create a very good impression, so the key to making sure your home is getting a lot of “head turns” is to spend a bit of money, time and energy prior to putting it up for sale. If home improvements are done, you could be overwhelmed with inquiries coming from numerous homebuyers in no time.

Market-smart” improvement is one thing you should definitely consider. Needless to say, a home is much more attractive when a lot of effort is put into it. You will realize that more revenues are most likely possible if you take one step further by trying to make a good impression. Do not embark on a major home remodeling work prior to selling your home because spending most of your cash on a project like this will only empty what is left from your savings. It is best that you contact a real estate expert before you decide which repairs should be done for your home, so you can choose which improvements will create a significant effect.

The following are the secrets that successful home sellers use in order to attract potential buyers and be able to close the sale at a very high price. Remember that utilizing the right fix-ups will create an utmost impact on the marketability and value of your home.


  1. Rebuild the walk and resurface your driveway to make it appear as if your home is always taken care of.
  2. Ensure that your new front door has been installed with brass fixtures for a welcoming entrance, and then have the door surround stained or painted.
  3. Set up an automatic opener in place of that old garage door.
  4. Replace the grown bushes at your front yard, get a new flower bed and improve the look of your lawn.
  5. Make sure that your deck and siding is power washed and that your house is beautifully painted.
  6. You may wish to install storm windows, double-pane windows or triple-pane windows to keep the temperature inside the home comfortable throughout the year.
  7. Improve or set up a porch as well as pole light fixtures for an elegant feel.
  8. Rebuild the gutters and roof for hidden leak protection.


  1. Interior walls should be repainted using a neutral color for a polished-looking home.
  2. Install a ceramic flooring or vinyl and carpeting.
  3. Ensure that wood floors have been refinished to make your home look like new.
  4. For a home that gleams day and night, a track or recessed lightning and chandeliers would fit the bill.
  5. Install beautiful ceiling fans for a comfier and cooler home.
  6. Replace outlet plates and switch and register vents with new ones for added sophistication.
  7. Consider giving your kitchen a makeover. Install new appliances, countertops, dishwasher and disposal. Reface or replace kitchen cabinets for a more modern look.
  8. Make sure that bathroom hardware, toilet seats, bathroom lights and medicine cabinets have been replaced for a squeaky clean appearance.
  9. An energy-efficient home attracts even the most discerning buyers, so you may want to add a new weather-stripping, new furnace or additional insulation.
  10. Cable TV lines and additional telephone line have to be set up. This gives the impression that your home has an outstanding electronic capabilities.
  11. Reorganize and install extra closet shelves for better functioning and to make the space look bigger.
  12. Use some of your cash for a new sofa for the living room or furniture for the family room to enhance your home’s look.

Don’t waste your time thinking about whether or not your home needs a makeover. Improving the exterior and interior of your home in the soonest possible time would lead you to being able to sell your home at an attractive price. Your homebuyer will be completely pleased as well, knowing that he/she has made the right decision in choosing your home.

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