Showing Appointments

Showing Appointments

Making your home presentable and available to prospective buyers is one of the most important aspects of getting your home sold quickly.

In North and South Carolina showing appointments are scheduled in advance by Real Estate Agents through a system called Centralized Showings. So in most cases you will have a chance to prepare for these showing appointments. However, it’s not unusual for buyers to be viewing a nearby home and making a short notice request to view your property if they notice it for sale and have interest. So be prepared for the call that says “We are sitting outside of your home and would like to see it now”

Smart Sellers understand their home must be presentable to buyers even on short notice. Sellers that refuse to show their home or make it available for limited hours are greatly reducing their opportunity for a quick sale.

It’s always best if a seller can leave the home during a showing appointment allowing a prospective buyer to freely walk through he home. Some sellers think it’s to their advantage to speak directly to buyers believing they know the home best and how to sell it.

While this may be true, Sellers often have a tendency to share too much or may reveal something about their motivation for sellingĀ  and often putting themselves in a position of weakness when it comes time to negotiate the sale.

Its recommended that both buyers and sellers leave it to the Real Estate Agents to represent each parties interests.

Sellers can greatly influence the sale by staging the home in the best possible light. at time of showing.

Here are some tips to making your home “Model Home” ready.

  1. 1 . Make sure the home is well lighted throughout the entire home.
  2. Open drapes and Shutters to allow as much natural light in the home as possible.
  3. Insure the home is clutter free including all counters, surfaces, vanities, closets etc.
  4. Neutralize your home by removing all family photos and items that make your home look cluttered.
  5. Leave soft music or television on when you have a Showing Appointment. Any ambiance your can create to make your place feel like a ‘home” rather than a “house” is recommended.
  6. Remove or secure any pets. And do your best to insure your home is odor free.

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