Why Stage?


A staged home will always stand out and outshine the unstaged ones in the market. This will help you to sell your home faster and feasibly at a higher price.

A staged home is considered by Realtors as a ready-to-sell home and will possibly be presented to more potential homebuyers.

Appraisers and home inspectors are affected as well by the fascinating visual impact that staged homes make. Homes that are staged have better chances of getting appraised and passing the inspection.

The marketing materials of a staged home appear to be more professional looking compared to an unstaged home, and this attracts more buyers who would most likely want to see it up close and personal. Staged home photos show the home as a model, plus the property’s nice visuals frequently lure buyers to choose your home over the others. A lot of homes have been put on the market recently, so your property’s visual marketing is important to entice buyers into looking at it.

Home staging builds a visual appeal and charm. It lessens the emphasis on the damages of the property and rather highlights its best features.

Home staging gives every room of your home a purpose by assisting buyers to envision what their life would be like in it and making a lasting impression when they leave.

Home staging is more affordable and creates a greater visual impact compared to renovations.

Home staging is more affordable alternative to selling your unstaged home at a discounted rate or reducing the market price sooner than necessary.

The statistics are very clear. A staged home sells up to 80% quicker than an unstaged home and sells for around 7% more than an unstaged property.

Today’s market feature numerous staged homes, so why wait? Have your home staged, and sell your home at a higher price in no time!

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